22 thoughts on “4 BEST SWEET EAT DESSERTS IN NYC | Bakery Food Tour”

  1. Yum such amazing desserts in NY! Those Levain cookies are the best in the world I think, oh man they’re good! Really want to try that croissant, looked delicious xx

  2. love your vlogs especially about new york.. i live in new york as well but to be honest… i never get enough of it Lol… love the city every single day thru good and good and bad … make a video about 5 best pizza in new york would be awesome considering new york quite famous for their best pizza… have a great Spring to Summer … xx

  3. Hi! I love NYC and I visited frecuently. I allways search in YouTube to know new places. Find this video was great: i usually don’t enjoy the females vlogs because they focus the attention in her and not in places/products, but your content is very different from the rest. I discover some locations and was fun not see a diva talk in they room for 10 minutes and show 3 photos of the food. Keep the great work and good luck to you channel. Saludos desde Panamá.

  4. I really really reallllllly love your videos 🙂 you’re one of my favorite youtubers and i admire your edits and hard work! Also super looking forward to more vlogs! Just love your creativity 💞

  5. Took your advice and walked from Grand Central Station to 74th and Amsterdam to Levain Cookies and those were the best damn cookies I’ve ever had! Bought 4 of them and couldnt help but eat them all in one shot haha.

  6. Went to Levain’s while on holiday from the UK and OMG the reg chocolate chip and double chocolate are absolutely heaven! Worth the queue don’t get put off, wait and experience the best cookie ever.

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