Mimi Eats A Burger??? | NYC Vlog 015

17 thoughts on “Mimi Eats A Burger??? | NYC Vlog 015”

  1. Alex I just started watching your Vlogs and I’m so inspired because my passion is business as well! The quality of your videos are amazing, what kind of camera do you use and how do you edit photos?

  2. Love your videos. Beautifully filmed. Very professional and fun to watch. Keep them coming. Ps. You guys are my first. By that I mean most videos of this genre are boring and like who cares. You’re more mature and a great couple to follow. You’ve got a new fan.

  3. What a great place, thank you for including it in the video! We just celebrated New Year’s Eve there – the food, the environment , and the service were outstanding. Thank you for continuously sharing your thoughts on life, business and relationships.

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