SMTown Live NY BoA Eat You Up [111023] [fancam]

[fancam]” upload_time=”2011-10-24T08:49:12.000Z” description=”SMTown Live NY BoA Eat You Up SMTown Live Playlist in order of performance: ” duration=”PT3M16S”]

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  1. @yozo217 Yes, but not necessarily recent. At least back when BoA was still a teenager & released My Name, she had female back-up dancers for both the MV as well as performances.
    One of those back-up dancers is now the leader of After School, Park Kahi.

  2. @idkmebutidkyou It seems she gained hips to me. If you look at her recent performances she looks like she gained hips no matter what she’s wearing. I like how she looks now; she was too skinny before.

  3. She have well deserved to be Queen of Kpop. even if SNSD have won their fame because they’re beautiful BoA will be the best forever. She started before anyone in the company doing something different. That’s what we should really like: someone unique in this world i mean BoA (: Check this: Its not a group. she’s a solo star .its Hard . isn’t it?

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