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  1. It sounds like they binge on junk food all the time, but I think it’s more likely that they are allowed to indulge maybe once a week and never before performances. But I’m a sceptic. πŸ™‚

  2. Their daily diet is similar to what athletes have. Healthy protein, vegetables rich in minerals and vitamins, fruits, nuts and lots of water. Carbs and dairy are allowed in smaller amounts. And a little sweet is fine, specially black chocolate because of its restorative qualities. The amount of calories per day depends also if they’re on or off season.

  3. I know a former dancer who was allowed to eat sweets just 3 times a year. And Miko Fogarty doesn’t eat any carbs at all except for muesli in the mornings, according to an interview. So i guess it depends on the person?

  4. This shares the dancers favorite casual foods but they fail to mention what they actually eat to stay healthy and fit to dance constantly because now someone who is a non dancer can think they can eat tht 24/7 and go on stage and be the best

  5. Sorry, but this is misleading. They weren’t asking what the dancers were eating, but what their favorite foods are. So I think what they are saying are exactly the kinds of things they are craving for but can’t have very often because they have to eat healthy all the time.Β 
    They keep repeating throughout the series how dancers are professional athletes (with which I totally agree) so I think it’s kind of stupid to pretend that they can eat junk all the time, because it doesn’t give you the kind of energy that you need. If you have a big burger and fries for lunch you can’t dance gracefully half an hour later. Just as I think it’s difficult to eat nothing (like other people suggest dancers do) and still do all those demanding movements.

  6. My sweetheart told me that he dated a few ballerinas while living in NYC. Said they ‘nibbled’ during the day, small bites of chicken, tuna or cheese. When they were done at the studio for the day, however, it was a huge steak, baked potatoes and salad.

  7. I mean…everything can fit into a healthy diet. The key here is moderation. As many people said, they don’t eat that way every day. They’re just proving that ballet dancers also eat “real” food, not just vegetables, water and boiled chicken LoL.

  8. Ballet dancers do eat these things but we still have to have some healthy foods in our diet – ex. my absolute favorite food is mac and cheese but I balance it out with an apple and some kale chips

  9. My mum used to be a ballerina and I was dancing professionally for several years I gotta say the amount of eating disorder among ballet dancers is HUGE, you really have to count calories and be under certain weight especially before shows, this is cute but not real.

  10. I’ll never forget watching the Bolshoi dancers after a tour. They were all waiting for their cabs to the airport. They had ordered pizza and were wolfing them down, two slices at a time. Ballet dancers DO eat.

  11. <3 this. I'm a really serious dancer. And I hate it when my friends or anyone else are like, "Do you want a low fat unsalted cracker with honey on it," And I'm like. "Uh no I'll take 5 chocolate chip cookies with some extra chocolates.

  12. I’m seeing a lot of comments on that they probably don’t eat those foods a lot, but professional dancers work for sometimes over 8 hours 6 days a week, they have to eat a lot, yes healthy foods but also unhealthy. In a balanced way.

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