39 thoughts on “5 MOST SHOCKING Things About Moving To NEW YORK CITY”

  1. Im sorry did you not used to live in queens before? So u basically moved to manhattan from queens so now u live in the “city” and ur saying ppl that live in other borroughs do not live in new york city? C’mon u gotta be smarter than that. Stella u shud rename this vid to “shocking things about living in manhattan”

  2. I usually like ur vids but u were just annoying in this vid! U already lived in nyc for years and now pretending like u just moved here complaining about things that are very avoidable and has simple solutions.

  3. Hey Stella!

    Great vlog! 😀

    I had NO idea about the expensive food prices! Are your general supermarkets also expensive or do they follow the general price tags of the rest of the country?

    Also, I live in a country where we use Rand’s instead of Dollars so I’m not sure how expensive $60 worth of food to you is.

    For me, anything above R250 would be expensive. If I convert it directly to Dollars, it would be about $3500. haha

  4. Cali ain’t necessarily cheap either! There should be nothing shocking about all that she said about NYC. It’s pretty much an maxim that the city is crazy especially the financial district of all places 😝😝😝
    For the $$$ should’ve moved to Brooklyn instead. yeah you’d still be taking the train but the atmosphere is awesome!! great restaurants…great neighborhoods for dog owners…a few Dollar Stores (that’s one thing I’ll miss if I ever leave the City) yeah but you guys will figure it out. All the best you to guys!!!

  5. Hola Stella! Welcome to officially living in Manhattan haha! Food is so expensive…heck everything IS! There’s another flight attendant youtuber who also lives in Manhattan and she showed a cooking video that seemed budget friendly and healthy. Her name is Fierceness but she’s not with your company..take a peak at the food!

    I am sure you can save money and cook as well. Don’t want you to go broke lol! Take good care Stella!! -Cindy

  6. aw stellla i wish i could of told you all of this before you decided to move but you’re startimg a new exciting life and there is a lot og beauty to new york city 🙃💚 ….also I wanted to know your opinion on airlines restrictions with tattoos. awesome video as always love ya!

  7. You can buy cheap utensils/pots/pans/cups at an IKEA store. Their merchandise is really affordable and of semi good quality… just if your looking for a temporary fix.

  8. I don’t think our grocery stores are that much more expensive than other parts of the country. Also, can you pick up takeout instead of having it delivered. No tipping necessary, that way. Also, a cheap non-stick and you can have eggs / omelettes, breakfast for dinner, sometimes. Soup and sandwich, large dinner salads are easy enough and don’t require a lot of equipment. Also, a precooked chicken or something at a grocery store can be the major component of a meal. . . .

  9. I was based at LGA for a few months in. Crash pad…I’m southern… and the people were amazing! The food was the best! I walked to work.. and yes- it was expensive… perhaps you should think about transferring to Dallas….. I lived there for 5 years….it was cheap! I didn’t care for it tho… but it is very affordable for you! I prefer Miami! So glad I’m here! Have fun and enjoy! Ny was one of the best experiences!

  10. I recently visited NYC, and I too was shocked at the garbage on the streets!! I’m from Canada, and even the largest cities are clean. We found Brooklyn to be way nicer, and cleaner than Manhattan!

  11. The financial district is not the typical living area for us native New Yorkers. Us natives are the ones running away
    From Manhattan. We live in the other boroughs which tend to be better anyways not to mention more affordable, cleaner, neighborhood friendly, and not to mention cheaper to eat. Tips:
    Move out of the financial district people who live there are non-NYC, making $400k plus, I can fit your studio in my apt 4 times.
    Don’t take an Uber unless your not in a rush, it’s date night and you’re in heels, it’s late night or early morning.
    We have loads of greener: prospect park, Central Park and our 2 big botanical gardens, BK bridge park
    Go to Trader Joe’s in BK which is 10/15 mins by train and get ready made salads, go to a restaurant and by a whole baked chicken it’s way cheaper and you will have leftovers
    The city is dirty but it’s a New York thing…wait till it get hot the dirt will escalate.

  12. dirty streets, no thank you, I live 10 miles south of Los Angeles not too far from the beach just about 3 miles inland(southbay area), and enjoy the clean streets, grass and nice weather, but city life is what you chose to do for now, hopefully once you settle down and maybe Bart can work from home and you can raise a family outside the city.

  13. Girl you’re living in Manhattan! That’s how it is, you want some cheap food go to Queens!!! Heyyyyyyyy thats where I’m from 🙂 Go down to Flushing for your Korean and Asian dishes and to Corona or Jackson Heights for Hispanic dishes. If you want a nice night our for relatively cheaper that the city go take the Q to Astoria or LIC. Don’t stay in Manhattan.

  14. I know I’m hella late to the party, but the irony of u living in the financial/business district & not utilizing/doesn’t seem to b u d g e t. I hope u eventually bought some disposables, YT some recipes & cooked. Trust me, I know the move/struggle as I moved back to my country. U have to scale back until. Girl, stop it!

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