NYC GUIDE: SOHO Manhattan | Our Favorite Places!

18 thoughts on “NYC GUIDE: SOHO Manhattan | Our Favorite Places!”

  1. Videos like these make millenials have nostalgic ideas about life and lifestyle in ny, hillariously creating those people who end making videos tittled “life in ny expectations vs reality”

  2. Did you know Europe is much older than America,and some towns are anywhere 500 to 1000 years old and your Soho looks older and prices in your Soho  are way over price like Katz Deli and $20 for a sandwich is crazy.!

  3. TIP FOR GEORGETOWN CUPCAKE WHEN IN DC: if you go to the actual original Georgetown cupcake while visiting dc, skip Georgetown cupcake…sounds crazy but if you head down the street gtown cupcakes are on towards the foggy bottom metro stop there is a pink building called “Sprinkles”. The cupcakes from sprinkles are bigger, better, and cheaper! The lines are a fraction of gtown’s which is also a plus.

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