Visit New York – Hotel Advice For New York City

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  1. Used to live on the Upper West Side & there was a nearby hotel (Days Inn) that had been only $100 – $200 per night some times of the year (not the last time I checked, but got a real good deal when I went back to visit once). For me, the key about hotels is being sure that they are next to a subway stop (preferably an express stop). The subway will let you get just about anywhere really fast. (I hear the subway service has gone a little bad since I lived there, so maybe things have changed, but it used to be that taking the subway was a good way to avoid the street traffic if you were traveling long distances within Manhattan. For long distances it was much faster than a cab. I have it a little easier though in that I was traveling alone and so maybe the fare starts to add up if there are several people.

  2. Be aware that many hotel rooms in New York City only have a single queen or king-sized bed, not two double or queen beds as is standard in other places in the US. When booking a room, if you want two beds, make sure you are getting a room with two beds.

    Also, in addition to tipping the housekeeper, you are expected to tip the doorman if he gets you a cab or helps with your luggage.

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