Visit New York – The Don’ts Of New York City

14 thoughts on “Visit New York – The Don’ts Of New York City”

  1. After watching this video and reading y’all comments I’m glad I was born raised and grew up and lived in Chicago all my life. I want to visit New York but damn. Y’all make it sound terrible.

  2. Nobody in New York has ever seen the sites unless it was a school field trip or they went with a tourist friend.

    And the public bathrooms are great, if you, like George Kaztanza, know where to go. Mainly, go to any hotel.

  3. Fuck you (I say in jest), the street vendors are awesome. Get lamb over rice from a cart. It is on my list of must have foods when I go back to NYC. And yes, get pizza, but not the crap in that video. Ask a few locals for good pizza in your area and in some touristy areas it may not be super close. Crap pizza is cheaper to make and easy to sell to tourists, so you find worse pizza in touristy areas.

  4. Oh come on, everyone needs to have a dirty water dog at least once in their life. Just don’t get the ones near the attractions because they are more expensive.

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