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31 thoughts on “What To Do In Madrid, Spain | 36 Hour Travel Videos | The New York Times”

  1. I can’t believe all of the negative comments on this video, a five minute promotional clip that does nothing but praise the Spanish capital. “This isn’t Madrid” they say. If it isn’t then STFU and post your video of what you think it is. These trolls act like no one has the right to travel to a foreign city, that it’s only for the locals. I’ve lived in five different countries in my life and I have no time for these backwater hicks.

  2. Viva Espana, delicious, historic, friendly and above all cosmopolitan like any. Los gatos madrilenos lo mejor. Lots of fun places and friends to meet. Wify and I had a fabulous grastronomic trip to Madrid. Miss the jamon de bellotas, pulpo gallego y los churros con chocolate. Hay madre mia, te extrano Madrid! Saludos desde Arizona.

  3. im from Madrid and some things about this video are true but I have to admit Madrid is very dirty too and some neighborhoods are dangerous, it isnt all so perfec like in the video

  4. Madrid is a very underrated city, infact its one of the best in Europe. Having travelled quite a bit in Spain, there are many fine cities that i like, in order these are my favourites.
    1. Valencia
    2. Madrid
    3. Bilbao
    4 Santander
    5 Seville
    6. Barcelona
    7. Zaragoza
    8. Leon

  5. Soy español pero no nací en Madrid. Mi patria es León. Sin embargo, vine a Madrid para estudiar hace un par de años y descubrí una ciudad maravillosa *___*

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