5 Best Cheap Food Joints In Chinatown NYC | Adventure

17 thoughts on “5 Best Cheap Food Joints In Chinatown NYC | Adventure”

  1. I’m Vietnamese, and sau voi has terrible Viet sandwiches. but then again, there are no good Viet sandwich places in NYC, you have to go to Cali, Philadelphia or Vietnam..

  2. This looked AMAZING! I’m hungry for dumplings now! Damnit! Why do I have to live in such a spot where there are no DECENT DUMPLINGS! I should just make my own. 😀

  3. 5:50 the music reminds me of… ADVChina!
    Through that channel (westerners living in China) I found this one (ABCs in the west, right?)… It’s a small world…

  4. Typical young Asian wannabe white people. Having to re-explore their own culture cause you spent most of your life sucking the dicks of white people. I used to see these Asian motherfuckers in college all the time licking white people’s bootstraps.

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