5 Of The Most Expensive Restaurants!

38 thoughts on “5 Of The Most Expensive Restaurants!”

  1. What is “per person” is that a estimated cost you may spend eating here or is that a fee they charge you before EVEN eating? Please someone tell me I don’t know

  2. Anything over $25 a plate is a complete flaunting of stupidity. As if we all didn’t know you are dense now they have to prove daddy’s money means nothing

  3. I like expensive Japanese beef from steers that only went to the best schools and are fed only a low carb, locally sourced, organic glutton free diet. Also, they should be massaged with beer daily by little Japanese woman who walk bare feet on their backs and throw in an occasional happy ending. All to be humane and keep the cattle stress free and in humane conditions right up to the time they hit them with a powered bolt to the head, string them up, slice their throats to drain their blood and then dice them up into little pieces so that I can devour them. Yum!

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  5. If I had the $$$$$, I’m not insane enuff to piss away good money to eat @ any one of those 5 or any in their catagories. $5.00 or $500.00 meal it all comes out the same in the end. And, what’s really cool, once your stomach acids start their job, yer gut won’t know any difference.

  6. These are the type of restaurants where the customers are served Folgers Crystals instead of quality coffee, and they can’t tell the difference. The old adage that says “you get what you pay for” does not apply in the food business. Fru-fru hog slop served on a plate, with an artistic arrangement, is still hog slop. This is not the best tasting food.

  7. Those wealthy enough to spend $600 per meal might take a less fortunate person with them. Pay it forward. That person would then take someone for $50 … and that person can take someone for a treat of $15. Yeppers. Meanwhile, nice that a poor person is more likely to take a friend out for dinner than is a wealthy person. tsk tsk

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