Best Thai Food In New York City

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  1. Why some Thai ppl keep yelling that food looks too modern? You should be proud of your culture in the positive way, not barking! I’m Thai but I can’t stand with the negativd guys. Anyways, the girl keeps saying “Royal” so that make us know the style of the food. Why Some Thai compared these to the “Home cooking” although it’s NOT! Modern, and why? Thai food can’t be pretty or modern? Anyways, Do you know “Chaow Wang” food & decorate? ชาววัง! They make the food neat and beautiful, eat small one bite with “Kreang” เครื่อง, so many in modern way since Rama 5th. These dishes are kinda like Chaow wang. How do I know? Because I studied Chaow Wang food & decorate and I’ve done Chaow Wang food before!!!! There’re many level of the food around the world!

  2. I checked the menu and some of these dishes are not on the lunch menu. Will I be able to go there during lunch and order some of the dishes from the dinner menu?

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