Eleven Madison Park 4th Best Restaurant In The World 2014

26 thoughts on “Eleven Madison Park 4th Best Restaurant In The World 2014”

  1. Place don’t even look fancy….Bull and Bear in the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan is better…Keens’s Steakhouse in Manhattan much nicer place, Benjamin Steakhouse in Manhattan nicer…

  2. What a fucking joke.It’s cost 295$+tax and beverages not included ( if i am not wrong )
    There is much better places in NY less expensive and much nicer than this menu.

  3. Helpful info for you:
    A) Caviar should only be eaten with a spoon made of inert material. Henceforth, the bone spoon you were given. Metal destroys the flavour. It is typically eaten on the cracker, commonly with one of several traditional accompaniments. The small quenelle was probably creme fraiche or something similar.

    B) The best truffles all come from France and Italy. They have seasons and grow in hazelnut orchards. They are widely used and are a traditional staple at, probably, the majority of high-end restaurants in the U.S., throughout Europe, and elsewhere. (Excluding restaurants that serve food of ethnicities that do not include truffles in their culture or diet)

    C) A cheese course is traditionally served as the last course. A good cheese plate usually has 3+ cheeses, to be eaten from mild to strong. This restaurant’s barely qualified as a cheese course.

    I read some of the comments and was appalled by 2 things:

    1) The lack of understanding and exuberance of viewers to insult the restaurant and food. I suppose one should expect it since your demographic is more for fun and exploration, not for an audience of epicureans. “Don’t order steak at a seafood restaurant.” 🙂

    It would be helpful and interesting to viewers if you might put things into context. Such as explaining what prix fixe and tasting menus are, standard price ranges, serving techniques and sizes.

    2) The condescendingly caustic manner in which you replied to the negative comments. It’s common to see negativity and name-calling. They are base reactions that show emotion. Condescension intermingled with insults about others’ intelligence exhibit more than anger. It shows your audience that you see yourself as “better” than them; more sophisticated, cultured, intelligent, etc. Smug ain’t becoming.

    This comment is not intended as hate but a constructive criticism. I do not make a practice of negative comments but your replies came off as bitter and highly offensive. I watched a couple of your videos to try and dilute it but the thought of somebody still out there who would certainly be doing it again and again got to me. IF you are intelligent and refined, please, let others know it through actions and you won’t have to point it out. They will recognize it. Humillity is a HUGE part of being respectable.———— And, rhetorically, I am terribly curious as to how one could be so refined, yet missed the truffles.

    I do wish I hadn’t made the mistake of reading the comments because it was an entertaining video. May you continue to enjoy your travels, thank you, and good luck.

  4. why don’t the waiter’s and waitresses just pull up a fuckin chair cause they spend the whole time at the table. I can’t think of anything worse.

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