Is This New York City’s Craziest Restaurant?

37 thoughts on “Is This New York City’s Craziest Restaurant?”

  1. She is definitely not a happy person EVER… Molly would have totally killed this episode!!! Where’s Molly… Damn you, you depressed lady in this video!!!

  2. I had a great experience working at senor frogs nyc. she was my favorite co worker to work with. I shall cherish those memories forever. #TeamFrogs #NeverForget

  3. Hey Guys I know this most will get skipped but if you wouldnt mind can you sub to my channel because we all know its hard to get a channel started

  4. This is the worst review ever major thumbs down. Gosh that lady is so annoying she needs to get fired if she works for a company because she’ll bring them down

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