Living Cheap In NYC- $10 For A Day?

17 thoughts on “Living Cheap In NYC- $10 For A Day?”

  1. UPDATE 10/29/17: Almost 2 million views later.. Thank you everyone. By popular demand I created PART 2, the sequel to the $10 challenge.
    Living Cheap in NYC- $10 For A Day PART 2-

    FAQ from the Comments:
    1) This Diet is not Healthy!! : You bet it’s not. This was a challenge I did with some other Youtubers to showcase our cities. I actually have a very healthy diet normally, but I wanted to show some fun spots in NYC. I realize I could have done this by just going to the supermarket and cooking stuff. But that video would not have been A) interesting B) what I normaly cover on this channel

    2) In my country I can eat for $2 a day/$20 a day: Yes, that’s the #1 thing I’ve enjoyed seeing in the comments. In SE Asia the cost of living is a lot cheaper. In Scandanavia, $10 a day is almost impossible by eating out.

    3) Is that your twin? : Yes it is.

    4) Is Tim Belgian/Single/Have his own Youtube Channel: Yes, Not Sure, and he should.

    5) Your channel rocks, I subscribed: Thank you ! I have a lot of other content, from all over the world. But I do live in NYC, so this is my top spot for videos.

    6) Do you like Casey Neistat- Yes, his channel is amazing and an inspiration. But I like to think I have my own style.

  2. watching you and your sad mates in that gallery was so painful, scrounging absolute ends of the bottle looking like tramps pretending to care about someones art (THE PURPOSE OF THE EVENT)

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