Michelin Star Restaurant Tulsi In NYC Has The Largest Naan You’ve Ever Seen! – Andaaz

24 thoughts on “Michelin Star Restaurant Tulsi In NYC Has The Largest Naan You’ve Ever Seen! – Andaaz”

  1. It’s all good. Sounds delicious. But what’s with the title “executive chef”? First of all the French word chef simply means cook. The guy is the main cook. He may have assistant cooks obviously.

  2. Hope the Pervy Bindian chefs didn’t try it on with Sarika, especially the fat baldy one by the tandoor (the one putting the skewer on)! Sarika didn’t want to shake his hand.Hahahahah

  3. c basic indian climate almost balance compare to other country we dont have extreme heat or extreme cold so indian taste as veg is normal related to non veg spicy stuff is carried

    extreme cold continenent usually go for process food and their habbits and their spending on health insurance is more because vertical buildings heat is more produce more the heat of earth is almost anything , hot to accept spicy food literally the body temperature

    usage of goods all tht so much how their body reacts in different continent how the body accepts
    indian food as indian climate we often balance as veg and non veg

    accept of body temperature and energy to consume still we have more ulcer related to consuming pickles all that but still sweet consumers diabetic place too but still

    this days what a country dont have what does country have
    veg food and herbal food all certain things which is often properly explained in various chef shows cookery shows but we dont bring best to show case what as medical herbs and what food is good as food for travellers or taster of food

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