New York City Chinatown Tour Part 3 – Queens Flushing Chinatown

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  1. There’s a better dumpling place. I forget the name of the street but it’s a small side streets just to the south of the LIE platform on the west side of main street. Go under the bridge heading south and make your next right. 25 cent authentic dumplings and pork rolls. the best

  2. To keep it positive, I enjoy Mike without this other person. This other person does not feel genuine or as sincere and MX does. He seems like a person of product – versus a person bringing me their true and real experience versus a sales person selling an experience.

  3. Hi Mikey, tks for your vídeo, after watching it, we bought a ticket to NY and we pretende to stay in Flushing (near by thoses delicious food:), I’d like to know if you have some video or, can indicate a good/cheap/near food mall/near subway hotel to me? I really apreciate if you can answer me on my email :

  4. I did this run (well, some of them)!!!! But the bubble tea shop no longer serves osmanthus green tea and Hao Shi Lai has closed
    🙁 ! But the Asian jewel dim sum place ROCKS :)!

  5. Thanks for this video! I visited last week and checked out several of the places you mentioned here. Great recommendations. I particularly loved Shiny Tea. Legit tea over there! I didn’t see Ling Long and wasn’t too impressed with the new business/management that replaced it. Xian Famous Food closed their basement location but I saw their newer place on the same street, food was AMAZING. Rose House was pretty, the drink was good too.. thanks again for the video!

  6. OH man I LOL’d. When you are a white person and walk into a Chinese restaurant full of Chinese people and it gets silent and they stare – you KNOW that is the place to eat! I lived in Chinatown in Boston – when no other white people really lived in the neighborhood. People stared all the time, but everyone knew “those 3 white kids” and had an eye out for us. We knew all the secret places – all of them gone now. I am watching this as research for qan NYC trip in May…I think we have a place on the list now!! Thanks for sharing the great eating adventures…until we eat again!! Safe travels!

  7. While visiting Manhattan recently, I was so disappointed to see how the people in Chinatown do not care about their surroundings. Chinatown was so dirty with nuisance littering. The only rat I saw was as big as a dog and in Chinatown. I was so scared. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the rest of Manhattan… Cannot wait to go back.

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