Peter Gives Tour Of Beaver Dams NY. Hot Spots

11 thoughts on “Peter Gives Tour Of Beaver Dams NY. Hot Spots”

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  2. Enjoyed going on your journey with you. It looks so country like, with lots of trees. Could constantly hear birds or seagulls? I’m not a Arbys fan but Pepsi is my choice too. Too bad u had to go so far but u made it fun. I’m surprised too Remmie, if outside wouldn’t get tempted to fly away when seeing other birds flying.

  3. You showed Watkins Glenn Ar by’s, and Walmart. Kuma Charmers not Carma but that is in Mecklenburg NY about 40 mins from Beaver damns. So i ask you Pete where the hell are the hot spots in Beaver Damns as you said in your heading?

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