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  1. Hi. I am going to NYC on the 4th of May and I am super excited. But I am actually still deciding between The Quin Hotel and the New York Edition Hotel. How was the edition hotel and would you recommend it? Thank you soo much!!! I will definitely check out Four Places to eat in NYC. Love your blog. 🙂 <3

  2. omG i loved this video!!! in august i travelled to nyc and i recorded so many vlogs there 🌎🗽🚕🌃

    can you please check out my youtube channel? THANK YOU 💕💕

  3. Hola Victoria!!

    Me encanta tu estilo y tus consejos de maquillaje y moda. Tu vida es de ensueño, tu novio Alex Harrison y tú hacen una pareja perfecta.

    Gracias por compartirnos tus experiencias de viaje y darnos tips de viaje.

    Sigue así y no te des por vencida sigue siendo así de linda y creativa.

    Hello Victoria!!
    I love your style and your tips of makeup and fashion. Your life is of daydream, your boyfriend Alex Harrison and you are a perfect couple.
    Thanks for share us your experiences of travel and give us more tips of trips.
    Go ahead and don´t give up, to be a pretty woman and Creative.

    Atte Denis León

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