Living In NYC Expectations Vs Reality!

8 thoughts on “Living In NYC Expectations Vs Reality!”

  1. Well, I grew up in London / South Ken. We walked a lot and biked a lot. Why? It was cheaper than the tubes. Besides, students are / were poor. Then I moved to New York. It was a Cultural Shock of my life. Apart from Greenwich Village, New York is a real dump. Then I became a New Yorker. I absolutely adored it. It’s vibration, never stopping and thrilling to avoid being ….then I moved to DC, yep, Wash DC, gosh, what a difference? No high-rise buildings, no crowd, greenery, very clean river, sedate, tranquil and cauldron / pressure cooker for work. You are really stretched to the limit in Washington, DC. It is a dog eats dog city. You step on your best friend to climb up one rung, but you do. After almost 4 decades I am back. Watching your video brought back memories: good and bad. Thanks!

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