What It’s Really Like To Live In New York City!

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  1. Your viewpoint is so limited to say that New York is not full of culture. But at the same time I can’t fault you for that because you’ve limited your experience and possibly the people that you’ve interacted with. It’s a city built off of the backs of immigrants. Culture is everywhere and in every borough. But like I said, I can’t fault you because it is your perspective and opinion.

  2. Tar, I love your videos but I found your comment about New York not being cultural enough because it has not been inhabited by Westerners for a long time deeply disturbing. It implies that only Westerners posses what can be termed ‘culture’, and it erases the horrific history of genocide that most of America was built on. Please consider such implications before commenting. Love 🌸

  3. Welcome to the Big Apple!!! I’m glad your first year was such a success! Are you familiar with YouTube channel Retro Flame? She’s also from Ireland and currently lives in Manhattan. Perhaps you two can network.

  4. Thanks for this video Tar very insightful. are you able to break down how you got your green card to stay and live in NYC coming from Ireland? I’m from England and it’s seems almost impossible task and getting my dream move as I don’t have a professional job or in entertainment industry and I don’t have $500000 to get the move fast tracked

  5. This video needs a disclaimer that it is MAINLY ABOUT MANHATTAN. If you don’t mind a short train commute, there are nice parts of Brooklyn and Queens that are more affordable, quieter, etc

  6. i’m currently just a grad student studying in nyc but like you said, it is a city that you need to take a break from once in a while. My family lives in southern california(near disney) and omg i was so happy to go back for summer break. The weather here has been fantastic(no humidity, whoo!!), stuff is less expensive, and the atmosphere is so chill. It does suck to DRIVE EVERYWHERE but at least my car has aircon, drink holders, and lots of space for my things lol

  7. Nyc is filthy, trashy, polluted, crowded, rat infested, cockroach infested, smelly with 1/4 oxygen and the rest piss and trash, and still overpriced. Yet…. i still love nyc :L

  8. What to expect in New York:

    The bad shit:

    -Train station is wayyy overcrowded and is full of filth
    – Most of the city Isn’t good or bad, it’s okay.
    -Overpriced shit.
    -Companies constantly piss you off.
    -Actual Taxes. Taxes are gay.

    What im about to say doesn’t apply to the list, but I’m gonna say it anyways because I’m an asshole. Planning to move out of NYC soon because there is scientific evidence that New York will eventually got flooded because of Global Warming. The sea level will rise.

  9. You are living the dream!! I’m also from Cork but I’m only 14, I can’t wait until I’m old enough to move to the states (NYC especially)! Don’t know what I’ll do about not having chippers, a girl needs her garlic cheese chips!!

  10. can you explain how you managed to move to america from europe please? it’s a dream of mine but I have no idea what’s what and everyone’s words is making me give up on it 🙁 especially since my career can only excel there (forensics, im from somewhere where that sector basically doesnt exist). like visas and how you made it etc
    I would rlly appreicate it love your videos <3

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