New York City – Video Tour Of Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn (Part 1)

20 thoughts on “New York City – Video Tour Of Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn (Part 1)”

  1. Brooklyn Heights has a very special meaning to me and my family.
    For 19 years I’v lived and worked in the area.
    My job for 18 years with trezza management and others were to mentained Brow Stone properties and keep a pleasant and clean properties.
    It was absolutely a pleasure.
    I would do it again.
    The people were kind and generous.
    Maybe because I was very kind and generous.
    I wanted to be most reliable and dependable.
    There is no place like New York.
    Now that I’v lived in Spring Texas 10 years

  2. Take a video tour around charming and historic #BrooklynHeights in part one of this video tour with David Hill! Learn about where to get great views from the #Brooklyn Heights Promenade and discover where notable people used to live such as Truman Capote and Arthur Miller. 

    Check it out:

  3. Did you know #BrooklynHeights was one of the first suburbs in the US? Check it out in our video tour of this charming #NewYork neighborhood and take a walk along the famous promenade with David Hill!  

  4. I lived there for a year or two around 2000. I worked in Soho, so I would walk to work over the Brooklyn Bridge everyday. It’s definitely my favorite neighborhood in NYC. Brownstones and treelined streets with easy access to Manhattan. Too bad it’s super expensive.

  5. Isn’t this where the Patty Duke show was supposed to take place?  I know the shows were filmed in California but Brooklyn Heights is where she was supposed to  live.

  6. This video brought back so many wonderful memories of the neighborhood I grew up in. Even though I actually lived between Bond St and Nevins St on State St, I would always spend my school years walking to Brooklyn Heights and playing stickball in the middle of the street, during most summer weekends. During the winter I played football and ice hockey with the local canadians, on my own block. I am 70 years old now (and live in Sunrise, Florida) but I STILL miss Brooklyn, very much. If I could afford a small apartment there for the summer months, I would drive back and forth every year. All the best to New York Habitat! P.S. I am a retired Realtor but still keep my Florida license up to date.

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