Travel New York: The Upper West Side

24 thoughts on “Travel New York: The Upper West Side”

  1. the UWS is maybe the finest neighbourhood  in Manhattan.You have two large parks, river views, numerous subway lines/stations, fabulous architecture, amazing culture and friendly relaxed atmosphere ,unlike the snooty UES , not full of noisy bars n clubs  bars like downtown .

  2. Love Tina Fey’s remark about UWS in Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars…”: “This is where you never ever see a beautiful woman on the street.” 

  3. Hey Sonia, nice videos!  You say “every place has a secret code” …. What do you mean?  I moved to nyc 3 months ago and have had a hard time meeting people.  Any insight, since you probably know the ‘secret code’  Cheers! chris

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