How To Ride The Subway In New York City

11 thoughts on “How To Ride The Subway In New York City”

  1. As UK residents just returned from a few hectic days in New
    York, I cannot believe how simple your underground is to navigate around.
    It is really as simple as the video shows.
    Great video

  2. Couldn’t make head or tails of it. It’s supposed to show how to get to Soho but the station pointed to isn’t called Soho. Then there are the N and R and Yellow lines. How does that work? Three lines but at the same time one line!! But are they? Is it the N line, the R line or the Yellow line? And that’s just for starters. All very weird.

  3. Great video!! The examples were very helpful! I will be getting my Masters in NYC this fall and am doing my research.

  4. I’m going to NY soon but I still can’t understand the subway so I’m dumping this on my mom

  5. lol I’m a 13 year old who lives in New Jersey near Philadelphia and the closest to the NYC subway I got was the path

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