Mini Metro – Square Times Achievement (New York City)

9 thoughts on “Mini Metro – Square Times Achievement (New York City)”

  1. I finally got this achievement (playing on Android).

    For me the key seemed to be having one of the tunnel lines to one of the other islands pass through a square first and then connect to the Manhattan-side junctions for the other tunnel lines. That way you’re not entirely reliant on the main line to deliver all of the squares coming from the outer islands.

    Having the mini-line that you made do the same thing only within Manhattan is a good strategy as well but ultimately that wasn’t what worked for me. Though the determining factor really might have just been getting better at micro-managing my trains.

    This achievement was a bitch!

  2. Thanks for these videos! I’ve found them very helpful…although, my general quality of being bad at games means I may be beyond help for this particular achievement.

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