NYC Travel Tips: 10 Things To Know Before You Go To New York City

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  1. been to new york bout 3 times. ive had grays papayas. they were pretty good. ive never been to the statue of liberty of the empire state. i have been to the 30 rock since my brother works there. my favorite area is broadway and soho i guess. i like some of the small parks in manhattan like…bryant park i think it was. summer can be too hot there. and yes, wear comfy shoes for sure. my feet were killing me from walking too much. lots of walking in new york for sure. if you need to use the bathroom go to a department store. and the train entrance was always annoying me…always getting on the wrong side. brooklyn for sure is an area thats good to see and check out. williamsburg as well. that area near dumbo is nice. also that area where the titanic could have arrived is good too. great view of the city. would love to go to new york again.

  2. What tips do YOU have for visiting NYC? I’m sure I missed something!
    TIMECODES: 00:26 – General NYC
    03:07 – Weather in NYC
    04:32 – Getting in to NYC
    05:59 – Transportation in NYC
    09:00 – Times Square
    10:28 – Broadway Shows
    11:35 – NYC Parks (Central Park, High Line)
    13:23 – Top NYC Attractions
    15:48 – Hotels in NYC
    17:16 – Delicious NYC Food!

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  4. excellent video chris, well done. i second the staten island ferry, simply jaw dropping views from it for $0. i have some of my best photos of nyc from that ferry. i would aslo add the 9/11 reflection pools memorial and underground museum is a must visit. its deeply moving yet respectful to those that perished. central park is a reason to go to new york on its own. in one full day we only covered half of it. its huge. its a welcome sanctuary in the new york hustle. nyc hotels are eye wateringly expensive. best policy is just swipe the card and think about it later. nyc is expensive, end of story. new york pizza is next level, up there with italy and other heavy hitters, i can think of a few aussies too who are doing comparable nyc pizza in melbourne and sydney. coffee is terrible though in nyc, folks be warned. if you prefer proper espresso / latte etc, and melbourne quality (not starbucks rubbish), you can find that in nyc but you have to go searching for it. bluestone lane is very good, and dotted throughout nyc. run by a fellow aussie too : ). lastly, transportation and safety, we found uber to be amazing in nyc. otherwise walking everywhere was no problem, perfectly safe.

  5. Great video as always, good info in a pleaseant presentation. If I find myself in New York will definitely catch some plays. Not too many from where I’m from. Are you planning on covering San Diego comicon this upcoming year?

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