Pro Tip: Using The NYC Subway

25 thoughts on “Pro Tip: Using The NYC Subway”

  1. All the times I’ve been to NYC I’ve never used the subway LOL the last time my dads metro card wouldn’t work so I was just like screw it we’ll take a uber, the Philadelphia subways are way easier to me (or maybe just cause I’m used to it)

  2. Maybe the two universe’s will collide & there could be a Batman vs Captain America. I like trying new things but when I think of a subway I think of rats & poop everywhere, and yes I already know that I would be that person who falls over when the doors close & slides across the floor lol 🙂

  3. So I finally made it from start to finish watching all your videos. Just turned on notifications too. I really enjoyed watching you become comfortable living in the city, give me hope for myself

  4. stumble on your channel cause I am trying to find out more info. about the city as my daughter is moving there soon. Hope you share more tips around the city. I was laughing when you did the demonstration

  5. I live in Montreal and this is so accurate! Happens all the time here. And then you have those who think they can handle not holding on to anything…And they spill their coffee and fall on somebody 5 seconds later. I’d love to see more vids on public transportation in NYC. I can totally relate lol .

  6. so I’m in NYC rn and I just had to come back to this video because I’ve already noticed so many tourists making this mistake :’) spot on w the demonstration

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